Monday, August 30, 2010

Drought stress

A LOT of trees are turning colour and it's only the third week of August - YIKES! It has been hotter and drier than I can remember for a long, long time. I went away for the last two and a half weeks, and was afraid to look and see how my pots had fared while I was gone. I watered them and placed them in the woodland garden before I left. YAY! Only one casualty... I can live with that. Any other tips for managing plants in dry times?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

After growing onions from seed with perfect success for many years, suddenly this year this critter has arrived (see attached image). I first noticed some leaves looked like the slug scrapings... splotches of green missing. I opened a few leaves, finding critter poop and eventually in one plant this fellow... A few of the plants have gone quite brown, though most are ok or just splotchy. The only thing close to this I could find was "onion maggot," but this visitor didn't really look like the portraits I found of onion maggot online. And I do hope not as I believe that affects keepability of the onion, So... fingers crossed... does anyone know what this creature is? What is the prognosis for the crop and how do I avoid his visit next year?