Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring at Last!

OK.. .So it's supposed to snow tonight - it can't last.
Every morning Rudy (angelic border collie) and I stroll the garden, depositing bird seed on tree stumps scattered through the garden. It gives me time to take in all of the changes that are going on as my garden comes awake. My Arnold's Promise hazel has been in flower for 6 solid weeks, and still going strong. The thrill of those little petal filaments unfurling with snow all around was so welcome! The garden is blue with Chionodoxa and Scilla siberica, the snowdrops in the woodland are finishing their third week of flowering. My white flowered daphne had a dozen open flowers this morning, and the fragrance was just heaven. The pulmonaria is blooming its heart out. There are all kinds of crocus, and the corydalis foliage is rapidly covering the floor of the woodland. My little tree frog is chirping away at night. It's no time to leave home, really.. but I'm off to the UK to teach next week. My heart falls when I think of all the things I'm going to miss! Mark has promised to send pictures every few days. At least there's someone at home to appreciate it! Tomorrow morning I'll take photos and post them on the What's in Bloom page - that way I can keep looking at it over the next few weeks!