Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter's half over!

Well, we've made it this far! I was really grateful for a blanket of snow when the temperatures dipped so low last week. I hope the plants came through it with few fatalities. It was so cold that my border collie, Rudy, didn't want to walk on pavement. We set out for our morning stroll, and he kept hopping along on three legs, taking turns resting one hind foot, then the other. I cut the walk short and spent some time in the garden with him instead.

The catalogues and garden magazine subscription renewals are arriving daily. I'm not sure about renewing my magazines - how many times do I need to read about basic garden tasks and the author's favorite plants? Maybe I'm just in a winter funk. The catalogues are much more exciting - and my garden is FULL. Well, we live to dream. Right now I'm dreaming of a studio in the garden at my parent's house in Kentville. Do you have garden dreams for 2011? Let us know what they are by clicking the comments button and telling us about it.

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  1. I agree . I cancelled my garden magazines last year. Seems like a rehash of old topics.

    My goal this year is to see my garden for the first time in Spring. Last summer ( during some of the hottest) days I moved as many of my plants as I could to our new house. The garden is tiny compared to the old one but I took most of my favorites so it'll be exciting to discover them again!!